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Traditional Multiplayer Will be Back in DOOM Eternal and Will be Developed Entirely In-House

Even the DOOM Eternal information out of QuakeCon only keeps coming, this time in regards to multiplayer.

“The Invasion stuff is just sort of a few of those ways that we’re going to produce the DOOM adventure societal. But we are not actually going deep into that. We’re focusing on a PvP element. It’s new. It’s not an extension of what we did last time. So it’s new,” Stratton explained.

He moved on to define that the multiplayer will developed entirely in-house at id Software now round, something that wasn’t completed with DOOM.  Stratton stated, “It is something we are growing internally, which we did not do last time. I believe players are gont actually like it. ” Developer Certain Affinity partnered with id Software the first time around to help work on the multiplayer portion of the game.

It seems that id Software has lots of lofty aims for DOOM Eternal when adding the addition of this Invasion multiplayer and the advent of post-launch effort DLC. Certainly, id Sofware has listened a lot to fans since DOOM started in 2016 and is currently hoping to make the movie be everything that players have wanted and more.

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