Undertale Collector’s Edition for Nintendo Switch Available for Pre-Order, Shipping in September

Undertale for Switch was a very long time coming, however, patient Nintendo fans will get what they waited for–plus more, should they’re willing to shell out some extra cash. The Switch variant of that the cult-classic is going to have particular collector’s edition which includes many goodies, that can ship in September for a retail cost of $69, a couple which is not significant or funny at all.

The collector’so edition, exlcusive into Fangamer, will probably be exactly the exact identical for the PS4 and Vita launch of the game, and will include the complete soundtrack, a sheet music booklet featuring annotations by founder Toby Fox, a “14k gold-plated brass audio box locket,” a more “sturdy matchbox-style collector’s box,” and standard variant copy of Undertale.

Both standard and collector’s variant will also arrive with a 24-page booklet illustrated by Undertale artist Temmie Chang. Meanwhile, the physical standard edition of this game will probably likely charge $29 for the uninitiated. Some fans of the indie hit that are searching to double dip by purchasing the Switch variant might wish to consider this collector’s edition, as it contains everything hardcore fan might want.

The September date to the Switch release has yet to be confirmed, however, Undertale is already available to perform on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, and the Vita. Read our editorial on the game’s decorations here.

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