PS5 Expected to Release in Late 2019 by Japanese Firm, but It Might Be Delayed Due to Parts Shortage

There’s been a whole lot of discussion within the industry over when Sony will release a successor to the PS4, to this point that misreported announcements made some believe that the PS5 won’t come before three years.

Analyst Hideki Yasuda from the prestigious Osaka-based company Ace Economic Research Institute doesn’t think thus, as he mentioned in his recent report on Sony’s financial performance.

Yasuda-san cites that at the current time Ace believes that PS5 will come at the end of 2019. That said, Murata Manufacturing and TDK have voiced concerns regarding the  tightening of the worldwide supply and demand chain of monolithic ceramic capacitors (MLCC), and have suggested that it might function as a potential danger of business.

Automobiles equipped with substantial numbers of MLCCs are being introduced in the market, and also the arrival of 5G mobile services resulted in the arrival of more and more advanced smartphones. This casts doubts on if it’s possible to make gaming consoles with a sufficient supply in the large volumes demanded by way of a new launch.

Due to that, in case there are issues in the supply of electronic components, Yasuda-san believes that the prospect of a delay from the end of 2019 exists.

Another intriguing area of Yasuda-san’s analysis is on PlayStation’s performance in the last quarter. Ace believes that the powerful results weren’t just as a result of first-party titles, but additionally affected by Epic Games’ Fortnite. According to the firm, its microtransactions have reached a scale in which they can make a contribution to the earnings of console manufacturers.

Ace Economic Research Institute is revising its full-year prediction for Sony’s Game & Network Services section to 2.18 billion yen in revenue and 250 billion yen in earnings. The earnings forecast is slightly higher than Sony’s own announced prognosis.

The company believes that the problems confronted previously by Sony’s video game business have been solved by now. The house console market has sparked concerns from the past because of a sharp contraction caused by the growth of the smartphone game marketplace. Still, the introduction of the Nintendo Switch attracted the interest of several customers to the console marketplace, inducing excitement across the globe.

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