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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Delayed to 2019, Vita Version Now Canceled

The highly-anticipated Kickstarter game Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night acquired a fairly major new update now, and sadly most of it’s bad news.

Bloodstained’s producer Koji Igarashi declared via a new Kickstarter upgrade for the game it has now been pushed into 2019. Iga stated that the main reason for this delay is due to opinions they received after releasing the beta to Kickstarter backers where they realized that they need to improve the game’s quality level, which may take longer time than originally anticipated.

Iga stated that the main reason for this cancellation isalso, “chiefly due to Sony’s plans to stop the Vita console, stopping production of physical copies and quitting certain online store support attributes. ” That isn’t a surprising revelation however, it’s one that still is a pity, yet. My thoughts are with our former author, Azario Lopez, throughout this trying time.

When you supported the game onto Kickstarter and picked Vita as your platform, now you can select a new platform to get the game upon if it starts or you’re able to get your money back. Expect an email from Fangamer soon to help you through this process.

Iga ended the article by saying that he apologizes to the disappointment with the two of these pieces of news and assured fans that he and the staff are still working harder than ever before to deliver them the game they need. Delays like this are never fun but when the finished product reflects exactly what it is both myself and others wanted out of Iga’s return to this genre, I’ll be happy in the end.

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